Carmarthen Students Smiling

Our Mission

Transforming Education; Transforming Lives

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a University for Wales, with a commitment to the well-being and heritage of the nation at the heart of all that we do. Central to our vision is the promotion and embedding of a dual-sector educational system which educates learners of all ages and backgrounds, and stimulates economic development in our region, across Wales and beyond.

Our Values

Through our activities we promote:

Excellent teachinginformed by scholarship and professional practice, andapplied researchthat influences knowledge and policy in Wales and beyond.

Inclusivity,by removing barriers to participation and supporting people from all backgrounds and circumstances to fulfil their potential.

Employability and creativity,by offering educational programmes that develop entrepreneurial and creative skills, enabling learners to have the best opportunities to gain employment and to contribute to the prosperity of their communities.

Collaborationthrough strategic relationships, working with others to provide educational and commercial opportunities and to ensure that Wales is connected to the wider world.

Sustainable development,by behaving in a way which ensures that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, and by systematically embedding this principle in our approach to teaching and learning.

The concept of global citizenship,through the development of multi-national activities and opportunities for our learners, staff and partners.

Wales and its distinctiveness, through embedding the goals of theWell-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Actin all of our activities, and by celebrating the vibrant culture, heritage and language of Wales.

Our Defining Characteristics

We are a University that:

  • adds valueto the learning experience through a distinctive ‘system-based’ approach that combines traditional higher education with vocational, professional and academic research activities, delivered with academic rigour;
  • offers a well-defined undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, which delivers distinctive graduate attributes in the areas of employability, enterprise, sustainable education and global citizenship;
  • isdedicatedto realising the potential of each individual student and to supporting students at all stages of their education;
  • ispioneeringnew approaches to work-based learning and professional practice that enhance workforce and enterprise capabilities; and
  • iscommittedto all aspects of sustainable development.