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Online and Distance Learning Courses

Achieve your full potential at UWTSD

UWTSD has a long history of offering programmes through distance learning.

UWTSD recognises that attending lectures on-campus is not suitable for everyone, which is why we offer a wide range of programmes that can be studied from the comfort of your own home - or wherever else you choose!

As an online/distance learner at UWTSD, you will be joining a vibrant, international community of learners who come to us from all walks of life.

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Online/Distance Courses

Online Business and Humanities courses are listed in the A-Z below.

Distance/Online Programmes A-Z



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Humanities College

To find out more about our online Humanities courses, please visit ouriHumanities college website.

Library Services for Distance Learners

The Library makes not only information but also a number of services available online, such as one-to-one appointments with library advisors and virtual study space. To learn more, visitServices for Distance Learners and Researchers.

What Our Students Say

Alison Chester-Lambert

Surely one of the greatest benefits of the internet is education. As the mother and carer of a child with disabilities, I had a few local options to study, but nothing like the opportunities presented by TSD distance learning.

It has opened up a vast reservoir of possibilities for those like me who could never have hoped to access such speciality subjects before. I am an astrologer and wanted to study the history and contribution that the starry skies have made to the human story, so I enrolled to take theMA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.

最初,我又感到悲哀underskilled for such an undertaking, but I was supported and encouraged by the staff as I found my feet at the beginning of the course.

I made contact with the other students and now I have friends to share the journey with. The reading and writing can be fitted in around my clients and the course is well structured, so I know what to do and how to do it.

Everything we need is there on the computer, day or night, and this allows more time for studying. I feel proud of what I am achieving and I could never have attempted it without online teaching.

A brilliant way to learn!

Andrew Oberg

My name is Andrew Oberg and I am on the MA Applied Philosophy programme as a distance student.

I suppose I should start this with a bit about myself. I live in Tokyo, Japan, with my wife and child and teach at a university that is located about an hour northwest of the city. I recently decided that I would like to further my education for a couple of reasons.

首先,我有for years wanted to study philosophy at the graduate level but never had a good occasion to do so. Also, although my current occupational field is in language instruction, I thought it wise to expand the areas I’m qualified to teach in and thus potentially give myself more career opportunities in the future.

Trinity Saint David provided me with both the chance to study the field my heart is in and to be able to do so while still working full-time. I have found the administrative staff in each department that I’ve interacted with to be extremely supportive, courteous, and prompt in their dealings with me.

As a distance student, your main challenge will probably come from yourself in the form of finding the time needed for your studies. This has certainly been the case for me. Personally, I can best prepare for my assignments by studying during my daily train commute, sometimes in the evenings, and often on the weekends.

This has meant some personal sacrifices, but not too many, and as I thoroughly enjoy what I’m studying I don’t feel like the trade-off has been in any way negative.

Geraldine Heil

I absolutely love being aMA Cultural Astronomy & Astrologystudent and consider myself to be privileged to learn such a wonderful subject and also to ultimately gain a postgraduate qualification here at TSD. The MA subject area was a big motivation for me and I liked the idea of being able to study and not re-locate as it particular suits my busy lifestyle.

I am extremely passionate about studying Astrology and the Distance Learning option gives me the opportunity to pursue my favourite subject. I really appreciate meeting like-minded people who are interested in the same subject area. The programme plan is very structured and organised. The fact that you can catch up on a lecture by listening to it again is particularly helpful.

很多Moo提供额外的信息dle and are shared along with the links to access it. There are a lot of other resources available for students and the tutors are extremely helpful and do their best for you. They provide good advice based on their own experiences and they try to help you avoid the pitfalls. The library staff have also been particularly helpful in helping me to find academic journals for doing my research project.

I really enjoyed Summer School and the opportunity to meet the tutors and the other students face to face. I had an absolutely brilliant experience and am so glad I attended. If I could offer any advice to a prospective student, it would be to manage your time and not leaving essays to the last minute!

Carol Ballard

I am a mature (very mature – nearly an OAP!) student, currently studying the MA course in Medieval Studies as a Distant Learner. When I left school in 1972, I studied Plant Sciences and then a PhD in Immunology. After a few years in post-doc research, I did a PGCE course and spent the rest of my working life as a science teacher and writing science textbooks.

However, my heart has always been in the Arts, particularly History and History of Art. I’d always had at the back of my mind the idea that one day I’d be able to follow up this interest, and in 2002 I began studying for a BA in Humanities. When I finished this, I wondered ‘What next?’ – and searched around for a distance learning MA course in Medieval Studies.

It needed to be flexible, both in terms of modules on offer and in the demands it made on my time – I can’t maintain a regular pattern of study over each year, but tend to have short bursts of plenty of time broken up by spells when study just has to take a back seat! Looking at all the available courses on offer, Trinity Saint David ticked all my boxes – and when I spoke to Janet Burton (Professor of Medieval History) she was so positive, friendly and helpful it just felt so right for me I couldn’t wait to get started.

The high points so far include exploring new approaches (well, new to me anyway) to thinking about Medieval History and the fantastic contact, support and feedback at all times from my tutor. Given my age, ‘career plans’ aren’t exactly relevant! But I do want to continue studying; I’d miss it terribly if I stopped. Who knows, I might even convert my MA to a PhD!

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Online Resources



Most programmes will use a combination of new and traditional technologies including individual research and online tutorials. Once you are registered on a programme you will have access to our virtual learning environment (VLE) called Moodle. Depending on your programme you will have access, through Moodle, to a range of learning packages, a growing collection of specially created resources, electronic journals and e-books.



Some of UWTSD’s courses utilise the social learning platform named Curatr. In this new environment, you will find weekly learning journeys that require you to observe and participate in order to progress.

You will also find a weekly task, called a gate, which needs to be completed before the following week's learning journey can be accessed. You will always be able to go backward, to revisit previous weeks, but you cannot proceed until you have built the knowledge base required to interact with the next stage of your learning.



As a UWTSD student, you will also have access to MyDay via the university's main website. MyDay will give you access to Moodle, library services, student services, IT help desk, careers guidance, university email, news and events, the Students' Union, Microsoft Office 365 and online storage through Microsoft's OneDrive.

Learning through these platforms gives you:

  • Flexibility- a tool for studying at times that suit you
  • Peer support- online forums provide a way of communication with other students and lecturers
  • Flexible learning style- a learning tool that can accommodate many learning styles, auditory and visual with the possibility of recording lectures
  • Learning reinforcement- you can revisit materials multiple times
  • Team and group work- Moodle enables peer collaboration on project work that can take place at a distance
  • Assessments- Moodle gives you access to 'Turnitin', a sector-specific, best-practice tool for submitting your work and receiving feedback.

All students are allocated a personal tutor, usually the programme coordinator and will have access to a range of student services that cover induction and training sessions, IT help and support, study skills and various personal developmental sessions, delivered online or via distance learning study skills ‘surgeries’.

Further Information

For further information about UWTSD’s online and distance learning courses, please contactinfo@www.guaguababy.comor on how to apply, please visit ourHow to Apply for Distance Learning Coursessection.